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预计穿越盐溪峡谷(尼腓)的施工将延误20-30分钟. Alternative 路线包括6号高速公路穿过西班牙叉峡谷,I-15南穿过莱万 to Gunnison, then North to Ephraim.

2024 Graduation Ceremonies

May 2 Commencement Events
Time Event Place Details
11:00 AM Richfield Graduation Ceremony Sevier Valley Center Watch
4:00 PM Ephraim Bachelor's Degree Convocation Jorgensen Concert Hall, Eccles Center Watch
May 3 - Ephraim Graduation Ceremony
Time Event Place Details
2:40 PM Ceremony Terry Foote Stadium Watch


Information for Guests

PG电子官方免费下载欢迎2024届毕业生的朋友和家人前来庆祝 this special day with us!

Ephraim Ceremony

我们为参加以法莲仪式的客人提供了几个座位选择. All guests 必须在2:30之前就座,以保证毕业生队伍的安全. 请不要迟于两点到达,以便有时间通过安检. 

Tickets are not required. 座位有限,先到先得 basis. Gates will open at 12:00.

Terry Foote Stadium

体育馆座位有限,先到先得. 请体谅周围的人,不要占座位,不要带东西 stadium chairs.

Robert Stoddard Field

There are plenty of grassy areas around the stadium. Feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chairs and set up on the grass.

Eccles Center

颁奖典礼将在埃克尔斯中心的大屏幕上进行直播. Many guests 他们更喜欢坐在树林里,不用担心下雨或炎热,而且 they can sit in a comfortable chair.

Richfield Ceremony

里奇菲尔德的仪式在塞维尔山谷中心举行,那里有充足的座位. 我们要求参加里奇菲尔德婚礼的客人不迟于十点半就座 让毕业队伍安全通过.

All Graduates

毕业生,欲了解更多信息和完整的清单,请参阅 Graduation Ceremony Checklist.

Graduation Ceremony Attire

在毕业典礼上,你必须戴帽子,穿长袍. Regalia 可以在网上订购,并将送到雪学院校园店 picked up and paid for there. 订单必须在2024年3月13日午夜之前完成 for prompt delivery. 在此之后,徽章将只能通过校园购买 Store. 在线订单将于4月15日在校园商店领取. The cost will be approximately $40. You will need to know which degree you are receiving 文学副学士、理学副学士或应用科学副学士 of Arts or Software Engineering) when you order. Campus Stores will also be open the 他们校园毕业典礼的早晨,为了最后一刻的需求和礼物购买.

Alumni Cords

唯一被批准的配件是学业荣誉带和校友带. Celebrate 通过购买校友唱片并将其转给未来的獾队来实现这一里程碑. 校友会欢迎即将毕业的同学,并在此邀请你们 只需捐款$20,便可领取校友脐带.24, representing your graduation year. 校友奖学基金将拨作校友奖学基金之用 provides scholarships for current and future badgers. Give back with others from your 在毕业典礼上和他们一起戴上橙色的校友带吧. The process is easy! Simply purchase your Alumni Cord . 购买后,可在教务处、校园商店、 shipped by calling 435.283.7060,否则将在毕业典礼当天领取 before lining up.


打印好的毕业典礼发言稿将放在所有毕业生的椅子上, 所以不要担心在你参加婚礼时拿不到. Please remember that you 在完成最终学位检查之前,候选人是否可以毕业. Between March 1 and April 1, please check the program list to make sure your name is there and spelled correctly. This is a big deal to your family.

Request for Accommodations

雪学院努力确保所有毕业生和嘉宾都能充分参与 in the commencement ceremony. If you or a guest require ADA accommodations or have questions about accessibility, please contact ude.wons@lesnihs.yendic (Ephraim) or ude.wons@mahgnirts.idieh (Richfield).


当你接受毕业证书时,专业摄影师会为你拍照 cover. 这家名为gradimage的公司将在48小时内将校样寄给您和您的家人 hours of the ceremony via email and text. You will also be mailed a proof. GradImages 是否会在下单后24小时内发货,并且双方有协议 with Shutterfly. 如果您对这些照片有任何疑问,您可以联系gradimage directly.

Graduation Exit Survey

We value the experiences you have had at Snow College. As a part of the graduation process, you are encouraged to complete an on-line exit survey. 这个调查询问你在学院的学习经历 well as your future plans (i.e. transfer, career, mission, etc.). Information from 该调查用于改善这些体验并提供额外的机会 for current and future students.

Diploma Information

您的最终学位检查将在春季成绩处理后完成. 完成所有要求的学生将获得文凭. If 你的邮寄地址和毕业申请表上的不一样了, please notify the Graduation Office. If you do not do this, your diploma will not reach you. 所有欠雪学院的债务必须在毕业证书发放前付清 be issued. 如果你没有完成学位要求,你可以更改毕业日期 date by emailing the Graduation Office. Diplomas should be mailed to you by mid-summer.

Alumni Gift and Welcome

我们想鼓励你参加毕业活动. You have worked 很辛苦,你应该有一天来庆祝这个里程碑. Commencement will be one 你在雪学院最美好的回忆——与朋友和家人在一起,庆祝 你的成就,享受着节日的气氛. In an effort 正式欢迎你加入校友会并表彰你的成就 我们校友会计划在毕业典礼结束时送你一份纪念品.

This really is an exciting time of year. We realize life is busy, but don’t miss this memorable event! 毕业典礼将为你们在斯诺大学的时光画上一个美好的句号 为您的未来开始,我们将尽力确保您的未来愉快 for you, your friends, and your family. If you have any questions please see the contacts listed on our graduation website. We are all eager to help you realize this dream of a college degree!

Best wishes as you complete spring semester!

Additional Academic Information

General Graduation Requirements

For current graduation requirements, see Snow College's Academic Catalog.

Transfer Credits

你知道你可以“转回”四年制大学的学分吗 quite finished at Snow? 有一个完整的助理有很多好处 degree, and it’s pretty simple to do. The Graduation Office can help you if you leave before you finish your degree.

有关转学分的问题,请参阅 Registrar's Office webpage.

Graduation Gifts

Graduation gift baskets

校园商店有礼品和礼品篮可供购买. They can even create custom gift baskets! Call the store at 435.283.7211 and ask for Tammy.